David Brennan

Senior Construction Consultant

David Brennan

Senior Construction Consultant

David Brennan is an experienced construction consultant, with more than 25 years in the construction industry. He previously owned his own roofing contracting firm, and worked in business development for contractors, as well as product development for a stone panel company. 

David has a wealth of experience related to fenestrations, surrounding the reinforced lightweight honeycomb stone panel industry, insulated panel, monumental skylight, and curtain wall industries. He’s an efficiency minded, anticipatory, motivator who prospers customer relations, negotiates and makes presentations while directing operations on all levels. Consulting activities include a vast working knowledge of both residential and commercial construction procedures, estimation, negotiation, sales, technical support, sales and clerk of the works


  • University of Texas at Dallas - Deans List, Spring 1991

  • Richland College, Dallas - Deans List, Spring 1988 & Fall & Spring 1989

  • Dun & Bradstreet Business Education Services

  • More than 1,000 hours of seminars, retreats, lectures, sales training and customer service courses

Area of expertise include:

Construction, Restoration, Clerk of the Works, and Litigation Support

  • Damage Inspection of Commercial Buildings
    Office buildings
    Retail shopping centers
    Warehouse/storage facilities
    Hotel/motel/resort complex
  • Damage Inspection of Industrial Facilities
    Manufacturing facilities
  • Damage Inspection of Multi-family Dwellings
    Condominium complexes
    Apartment complexes
  • Damage Inspection of Institutional Facilities
    Hospital/medical facilities 
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