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 Haag Construction Consulting

After a loss, onsite damage assessment is the crucial step on which every other aspect of your construction restoration process depends. Do it well and you can approach the rest with confidence and peace of mind. Haag Construction Consultants will precisely determine the scope of the damage and map out the best path to recovery after a disaster.

Our services, used individually or as a suite, bring critical insight and skill to the restoration process, from first assessment, through reconstruction and far beyond. For more than 20 years, our people have helped a national assortment of clients dissect the details to achieve an agreed scope of damage based on the facts. The result: accurate costs, compressed time lines and satisfied parties.

Construction Consulting Services

  • Haag experts work closely with architects, engineers, and company representatives to gather and clearly present the facts. Their assessment encompasses immediate, acute matters, such as whether a structure requires emergency services to avert further damage, as well as the minute details to create and budget a comprehensive scope of repairs.

Restoration Consulting

  • Once the work begins, Haag can remain on hand to oversee your restoration process, drawing on our wealth of experience in recovery projects resulting from fire, water, wind, explosion, earth movement and other forms of damage. From the high priority emergency repairs, down to the carpet and wall treatments, Haag consultants hold your contractors strictly to the script.

Clerk of Works

HCC fire

  • As your clerk of works, Haag Construction Consulting can provide daily project oversight of your entire recovery process. Starting with the initial estimates and bid process, through contractor selection, job tracking and finish-out, we can manage your project for minimal business interruption and maximum satisfaction. 

Litigation Support

  • If there is a dispute or litigation, Haag can provide the photo documentation, critical damage analysis and accounting to accurately present the facts. But that is just the beginning. Haag experts are renowned not only for the accuracy of their information but also for the compelling manner in which they are able to communicate it.

Technical Consulting

  • Haag Construction Consultants assess electronic/manufacturing equipment and electrical switchgear after catastrophic events. Our assessment will provide accurate technical restoration prices, repair quotes and replacement costs for equipment. This information will help create a budget for repairs or determine if repair is cost effective. We provide the best approach to recovering technical equipment after a catastrophic event.


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